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Our journey to the perfect toastie

Our tale begins with a boy named Nemo, who possessed an insatiable desire for the ultimate toastie.
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It was this humble, yet profound longing that sparked a culinary expedition across the globe, spanning two years and every corner where bread was toasted.

Nemo, his sister Dory, and their father discovered a world of flavors, textures, and warmth hidden within the crusts of countless toasts.

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From the baguettes of Paris
to the paninis of Italy
the challah of Jerusalem
to the rye of New York

Each toast had a story to tell

and a flavour to lend

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But our intrepid trio realised that the perfect toastie wasn’t just about finding the right ingredients or the right method of toasting – it was about recognising that the delight of the perfect bite could always be taken a step further.


The result is ToastieSmith, a testament to their relentless pursuit, an embodiment of their commitment to creating the ultimate toastie experience.

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Toastie Smith Mushroom Toastie

Every toastie we serve encapsulates this journey

Infused with passion

Layered with discovery

and crafted with love

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